Alexandre Bloch dives into multi-media project, Pierrot et Colombine

While at home during this pause in performances, conductor Alexandre Bloch has channelled his creativity into a musical series based on the classic characters Pierrot and Colombine. Also featuring the skills of composer Julien Joubert and the librettist Eric Herbette, the project is designed to offer a little brightness for youngsters (and the young of heart!) during these difficult times. Audiences can watch the series on YouTube.

Having collaborated together many times before, Alexandre, Julien, and Eric had before considered telling the story of Pierrot and Colombine in a new way. The current period of isolation offered them the time to gather colleagues who were keen to focus their talents on the project. The story is told by François Morel, Alex Vizorek, and Anne-Sophie Lapix, and illustrations were conceived by Antoine Véron and Audrey Andrianarivo. What started out as a small ensemble has grown as many musicians have recorded their parts at home.

Two seasons of three episodes are currently planned. Discover the first instalments today.

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