violin & piano duo

Alina Ibragimova & Cédric Tiberghien

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Cédric Tiberghien and Alina Ibragimova first met as members of the BBC Radio 3 New Generation Artists scheme in 2005. The unique partnership which developed between the two artists was picked up by ‘The Times’ who concluded its review of Cédric and Alina’s final recital as part of New Generation Artists, at the 2007 Cheltenham Festival, by commenting “Both of these players have the potential to conquer the world”.

The duo have gone on to perform throughout Europe and in North America, appearing at major venues including the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Carnegie Hall in New York and the San Francisco Performance series as well as a major tours of Australia and Asia. The duo is also a regular guest of the Wigmore Hall in London, where it presented an acclaimed complete cycle of the Beethoven violin sonatas in the 2009/10 season. This was followed in 2015-16 by a series of 5 concerts as part of the Hall’s ‘The Mozart Odyssey’ series which saw them perform the complete sonatas for Violin and Piano by Mozart.

Both Cédric and Alina enjoy flourishing careers as soloists, appearing with many of the world’s leading orchestras and as solo recitalists in some the most distinguished venues and festivals on the circuit.



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    06 Sep 19 Brahms Violin Sonatas

    “…The listener constantly has the feeling that the two musicians are telling stories, stories of merging and separating, of bliss and passion, of pain, perhaps of death. Alina Ibragimova rediscovers Brahms’ poetry, she succeeds in looking into the heart of the titan…”

    Armin Kaumanns, Aachener Nachrichten

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    30 Aug 19 Brahms Violin Sonatas

    “…Brahms, Alina Ibragimova and Cédric Tiberghien are perfectly cast; these are mesmerising performances wonderfully well recorded by Simon Eadon (Andrew Keener producing) – with intimacy, clarity, faithful dynamics and spot-on balance – after all, these are Sonatas for Violin and Piano, and these artists are such a charismatic partnership; their give and take is palpable, their devotion to the music deep and dedicated, and their insights illuminating…”


    Colin Anderson, Classical Source

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    17 Mar 19 Vierne, Franck Violin Sonatas & Ysaÿe Poème élégiaque

    “…Ibragimova and Tiberghien’s playing is as thrilling as scenes from a Künstlerroman; poetic, passionate, virtuosic, with the greatest sensitivity for timbre, and in perfect symbiosis…”

    Der Tagesspiegel Berlin | 17th March 2019 | CD recommendation

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    04 Apr 19 Vierne, Franck Violin Sonatas & Ysaÿe Poème élégiaque

    “… Simply superb in every way…”

    “… Ibragimova and Cédric Tiberghien are typically outstanding throughout, playing with exceptional control without ever forsaking spontaneity…”

    BBC Music Magazine [April 2019]

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    01 Mar 19 Vierne, Franck Violin Sonatas & Ysaÿe Poème élégiaque

    “…[Franck sonata] from Ibragimova a sweet, even sound that’s light-toned without being lightweight, supported by a touch from Tiberghien at the keyboard that sounds like mellow, amber-hued raindrops, and all the while a gradual crescendo and strengthening of tone from both so subtle that it happens almost imperceptibly… The Vierne Allegro risoluto equally showcases sharper-edged energy, and yet more golden tenderness with its Andante sostenuto. Add the palette-cleansing Boulanger, and this is wall-to-wall wonderful…”


    Gramophone Magazine

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    09 May 18 Mozart Sonatas for Violin and Piano Vol. 5

    “…every phrase is crafted, assimilated and considered. This is an instrumental dialogue of the most eloquent kind, supported by technical skill and a stylistic sensitivity that manifests their preoccupation with a period performance practice. Hats off!”


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    25 May 18 Mozart Sonatas for Violin and Piano Vol. 5

    “…Tiberghien and Ibragimova develop the music with inner freedom. They playfully alternate leading and stepping back accordingly to theme and accompaniment and compliment one another intuitively, almost as if eaves dropping and find a common inflection whilst retaining independent musical characters…”

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    23 Mar 18 Mozart Sonatas for Violin Vol. 5

    “… A set that will surely become the modern reference recording…”


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    01 Nov 17 Mozart Sonatas for Violin and Piano Vol. 4

    “… it feels as though centuries of interpretative accretion has been removed as Ibragimova and Tiberghien take flight in the opening Allegro with a bracing sense of forward momentum that creates the uncanny impression of floating on air. The tricky Minuet finale also goes like a dream, with no self-conscious pointing of the dance rhythms or furrowed-brow introspection when the music turns towards the minor key…”

    BBC Music Magazine November 2017


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    12 Sep 17 Mozart Sonatas for Violin and Piano Vol. 4

    “…Performers and engineers alike have made sure that the one instrument doesn’t swamp or outshine the other, and that neither is unduly spotlit. It all sounds and feels utterly natural…The whole enterprise is near-impossible to fault. Six sonatas left now to complete the cycle, a set that will surely become the modern reference recording…” Gramophone Magazine, Awards Issue 2017


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    02 Apr 17 Mozart Sonatas for violin and piano Vol. 3

    “…once again it is hard to imagine a better partnership. Each of the six works in this double CD programme is a pure delight, with exquisite playing from these world-class performers – Ibragimova fleet and lithe, Tiberghien playfully delicate.”
    The Observer

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    01 Oct 16 Mozart Sonatas for violin and piano vol. 2

    “…Tiberghien and Ibragimova strike me as nigh-on ideal… The pair’s variety of colour and inflection, with every repetition a cue for new thinking, is delightfully heard…this ongoing series from the symbiotic partnership of Tiberghien and Ibragimova will be hard to beat.”

    Gramophone Magazine


    “Ibragimova and Tiberghien deliver performances that exude this joy of discovery. If the pianist’s part inevitably dominates, it gleams with an elegant litheness. Around it, his partner’s violin lines weave their own exquisite and sometimes forthright paths.”

    New Zealand Herald


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    31 May 16 Mozart Sonatas for violin and piano, Vol.1

    “it would be hard to imagine more persuasive performances than we have here from the ever-rewarding Tiberghien-Ibragimova duo.”


    Editors Choice, Gramophone Magazine, May 2016

    “…they respond to the enhanced emotional range of NO. 27 K379 and No33 K.481 with such graceful sensitivity that and micro-inflected insight that at the point of contact it is difficult to imagine them better played.”
    BBC Music Magazine, June 2016

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    30 Apr 15 Mozart A Mozart Odyssey, part III
    Wigmore Hall

    “These are all works conceived for keyboard with violin accompaniment, as opposed to the other way round; and, notably in the first movement of the C major, K296, Tiberghien had no hesitation in taking the lead. Indeed, his playing continuously compelled attention. Somehow reinventing the Steinway concert grand as an authentically Mozartian instrument, he dazzled us with fingerwork flawlessly precise, ultra-energised and stylishly articulate. Allied to Ibragimova’s imaginative, fine-spun phrases, it ensured that even the youngster’s excursions were uncommonly captivating.”
    The Sunday Times

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    26 Apr 15 Mozart Recital, April 2015
    Cite de la Muisque, Strasbourg

    “Tiberghien et Ibragmiova portent sur ces deux partitions un regard tendre autant qu’une attention renouvelée dans l’interpretation.
    Le duo invesit enfin l’extraordinaire vitalitédes deux sonates placées au centre du récital. La K296 triomphe par son enthousiasme effréné dans l’allegro vivace…puis dans un andate extériorisé pris dans une seule respiration…simplement jubilatoire.”
    Les Derniers Nouvelles d’Alsace

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    01 Aug 13 Schubert Complete works for violin and piano

    “performances which it is hard to imagine ever being bettered”
    BBC Music Magazine, September 2013

    ” The wise judgement of scale and perspective is a conspicuous feature of their playing here.”

    “Ibragimova and Tiberghien encompass the music with exhilarating flair bu, as in the earlier works, with a keen stylistic ear”

    Daily Telegraph, July 2013

    “lyrically poised and intimately dynamic”
    Scotsman, July 2013

    ” An unbeatable dream-team… a stunning set of performances that look set to become the yardstick against which others will invariably be judged.”
    Sinfinimusic. August 2013

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    08 Feb 13 Schubert Recital, Feb 2013
    Barber Institute

    “From its gently murmuring opening to the
    virtuosity of the concluding Presto this was an undoubtedly stunning performance, not only for the brilliance of Ibragimova’s bowing and stupendous finger work, and Tiberghien’s immaculately manicured passage-work, but its breathtaking clarity of texture and musical integrity, with every note and phrase perfectly judged and proportioned”.

    Birmingham Post

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    20 Jan 11 Beethoven Sonatas for violin and piano volume 2
    Recorded live at Wigmore Hall

    “In Beethoven’s final violin sonata, the G major Op 96, both violinist and pianist understand the music’s laconic, conversational style perfectly, realising how much can be implied by so little and how it demands a true blending of musical voices, with neither player dominating the other. It’s beautifully judged, like all the performances here”
    The Guardian, 20 Jan 2011

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    01 Sep 11 Ravel, Lekeu Complete works for violin and piano

    “Tiberghien and Ibragimova certainly don’t hold back from sweeping intensity but they still
    retain a measure of objectivity, finding places to relax and never pushing the
    expression beyond what sounds beautiful. In the “Blues” movement [of the Ravel
    G major Sonata], this produces startling results; the details are wonderfully
    idiomatic, yet the playing is initially so refined that when the music later
    breaks out of its shell, the contrast is extraordinary. The effect of Tzigane
    is similar; precision in capturing the idiom, allied to vivid juxtapositions of
    power and delicacy. It all adds up to a must-hear recital.”

    Gramophone, Sept 2011

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    01 Oct 10 Brahms Recital, Oct 2010
    Melbourne Recital Hall

    “If ever there was a case for reviving the art of the recital, Alina Ibragimova and Cedric Tiberghien are it. The fragmentary gestures in the violin part were strung together into a gush of emotion, punctuated and prompted, with infinite delicacy, by the piano, until the two became one”.
    The Age, Oct 2013