Cédric Tiberghien returns from an unusual trip to Australia

Music meets visual art in Melbourne

As part of his most recent tour of Australia, Cédric Tiberghien was in Melbourne for two concerts at the Recital Centre, the first of which was a unique collaboration with visual artist Domenico Clario.  Whilst Cédric played Schumann’s Kreisleriana, Clario represented and interpreted the music though a series of paintings.  The audience were gradually drawn in, eventually leaving their seats following Clario as he moved from canvas to canvas, an experience that Cédric found challenging but very exciting and inspiring.

The following evening, Cédric returned to the more conventional solo recital format, but continued the theme of music and painting, performing Debussy’s complete Preludes in the Great Performer Series where he succeeded in becoming both artist and pianist.  Limelight Magazine reported ‘Tiberghien is a master painter-pianist.  He excelled in creating a vast palette of pianistic colour, delineating different strands of the musical texture into background and foreground and expertly manipulating perspective of tempo to suit the occasion.  The result was an exhibition of 24 powerful miniatures.’

Cédric began his tour of Australia in Perth, giving three performances of Ravel’s G major Concerto with the Western Australia Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Tadaaki Otaka. The West commented that his ‘extraordinary skill in negotiating a treacherously intricate piano score was a model of its kind’.

Cédric returns to Europe to a series of solo recitals and duo performances with Alina Ibragimova.

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