Christian Vásquez wows in Gothenburg and Oslo

Photo credit: Jean-Francois Leclercq

Congratulations to Christian Vásquez, who recently led the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, of which he is Chief Conductor, on a short tour in Scandinavia.


Of the concert in Gothenburg, Swedish national newspaper Göteborgsposten wrote:

“[For] the finale, Tchaikovsky’s fourth symphony, the orchestra gave a convincing interpretation in a remarkably homogenous and organically fluid performance.  The Chief Conductor of the orchestra, Christian Vasquez, emphasised the central drama of the music with its long lines and emotional attack, but without it becoming too noisy or sentimental.  Instead there prevailed a richness of nuances and the sensitivity of a chamber performance, along with strong currents of energy and a collective power in the performance.”

Christian had another huge success when he led the orchestra at the Norwegian Opera, as attested by Dagbladet:

“I have been following the SSO on and off for many years, and I cannot remember having heard them perform any better.  A real depth of sound and nuances in phrasing were all present.  It says a lot about how good the SSO actually is, but it also displays what a great conductor they have in Christian Vasquez.”
(Translations courtesy of the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra)

Christian returns to Oslo in spring 2015 for four performances of Bizet’s Carmen.

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