Coast-to-coast success for Sergey Khachatryan

Violinist Sergey Khachatryan’s recent recitals in the US have been highly praised

Bravo to Sergey Khachatryan, who in the last fortnight has given critically acclaimed recitals in California and New York.

His programme of Bach’s Partita for Solo Violin no.2 in D minor and Beethoven’s ‘Kreutzer’ Sonata (with his sister and pianist Lusine Khachatryan) captivated audiences in Walnut Creek, Palo Alto, Herbst Theater (San Francisco) and Alice Tully Hall (New York City).

Writing in the San Francisco Examiner, Elijah Ho commented:

The Armenian siblings play with conviction and in finer moments, elevate the spirit of their audience.  They offered familiar works of Bach and Beethoven, and distinguished themselves on the strength of a pronounced singing line, rhythmic chemistry and Sergey’s uncommon abilities.

In a review titled ‘A Violin and Its Master Have Their Moment’, Vivien Schweitzer of the New York Times wrote:

This was certainly a deeply spiritual performance [of Bach’s Partita for Solo Violin no.2], personal and soaringly expressive.  As soon as Mr. Khachatryan began the opening Allemande, you could sense how intently the audience began listening, as he achieved the all-too-uncommon feat of seducing a rustling, coughing crowd into silence. […] The performance after intermission proved equally intense.  Mr. Khachatryan was joined by his sister Lusine Khachatryan, a gifted pianist, for an exciting rendition of Beethoven’s “Kreutzer” Sonata […] Such a sense of danger pervaded this fiery interpretation that you could easily imagine the jealous husband of Tolstoy’s story reacting in fury after hearing his wife performing this passionate music with another man.

Many congratulations to Sergey and Lusine!

Sergey’s next engagement is with the Vienna Chamber Orchestra for Mozart’s Violin Concerto no.3 in G with fellow Askonas Holt artist Diego Matheuz.

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