Daniel Barenboim & Emmanuel Pahud curate festival of new music

Daniel Barenboim and Emmanuel Pahud have come together to curate a festival of new music at the Pierre Boulez Saal, Distance /  Intimacy. A series of streamed events from 9 to 12 July will spotlight new works by ten composers who have engaged with this time of uncertainty and common reflection, creating pieces that deal with the juxtaposition of the distance and intimacy of the moment. Emmanuel says:

“Who else do we trust with our souls in these times of isolation and disorientation than composers, who actually know how to deal with this, who are looking for moments of quietness in order to create, develop systems of survival, and project into the future while we are still dealing with our past?”

The new works will receive online premieres as each event is hosted by Daniel and Emmanuel live from the Boulez Saal in Berlin. Works by Pierre Boulez are featured alongside compositions by Irini Amargianaki, Benjamin Attahir, Johannes Boris Borowski, Luca Francesconi, Michael Jarrell, Philippe Manoury, Olga Neuwirth, Matthias Pintscher, Christian Rivet, and Jörg Widmann.

Learn more about the festival and hear from Daniel and Emmanuel.



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