Daniel Barenboim returns to London for a four-concert survey of Schubert’s piano sonatas

Fresh from his magnificent recent performances with the Staatskapelle Berlin, which won huge acclaim and a clutch of 5-star reviews, Daniel Barenboim returns to London’s Royal Festival Hall for a four-concert survey of Schubert’s piano sonatas. The event is the latest in a series of high-profile projects that Maestro Barenboim has brought to his London “home”, including the complete symphonies, piano concertos and piano sonatas of Ludwig van Beethoven.  For Askonas Holt, it is the continuation of an even longer tradition, which goes back to Barenboim’s Royal Festival Hall concerto debut in 1956.
Speaking of his forthcoming Schubert cycle – which sold out months ahead – Maestro Barenboim describes the works as “a revelation. The music laughs and cries, and is both sad and happy at once. All that we human beings are incapable of expressing without music is achieved by these sonatas. Every piece of music can do this, of course, but this is especially true of Schubert’s sonatas.”
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