Daniel Harding launches innovative new season with Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra

Following their great success at the BBC Proms last week, the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and Music Director Daniel Harding return to Stockholm to launch an exciting and innovative new season, ‘Interplay’.

Interplay launches on the 11th September and sees the orchestra and their Music Director invite leading artists, mathematicians, philosophers, physicists, authors and other thinkers to join them and create a completely unique concert experience. 

The first two concerts include works by Mozart, Bach, Messiaen and Xenakis. Oxford professor and mathematician Marcus du Sautoy explores the connection between music and mathematics and will take the audience on an audio-visual journey through the world of symmetry. 
Other guests in the series include American novelist and essayist Candace Allen, who examines the position of Western classical music in our increasingly multicultural society, following a concert of Sibelius and Schumann. Later in the season, Neuroscientist and pianist Fredrik Ullén will discuss with Daniel Harding how music and music-making affects humans and the brain as well as the evolutionary origins of music, creativity and innovation. Daniel Harding also combines Haydn’s Creation with a discussion by Astronomer Meghan Gray about the universe and its 14 billion years of history from the Big Bang to the origins of life.
To see more information about Interplay and the vast variety of special guests featuring, please click here
“Interplay is a long extravaganza of music, art and ideas taking place in Stockholm during the concert season 2014/15. A season where ideas thrive and music is heard afresh. A season of performance and interaction, informed by the inspiration of contrast and collaboration. A symphony of creative interplay between artists, academics, scientists and philosophers.”
Daniel Harding, Music Director
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