Daniel Pioro explores sunrise with special project Dawns

In the early morning of Saturday 16 May, violinist Daniel Pioro will take part in a nationwide mass-participation artwork run by artist collective non zero one, and commissioned by the National Trust in partnership with Heritage Open Days. Individuals can sign up to listen to the live sound experience live online, joining a national moment of connection with nature and each other, and taking part in a shared experience of dawn.

Daniel joins a narrator and four other musicians in lockdown across the UK as they perform a newly-commissioned work from composer James Bulley. Each performer’s contribution is defined by their own experience of the dawn occurring at their location, building from a solo to a quintet as daylight sweeps across the country.

Each musician will improvise their performance based on a score, reflecting their own personal experience of dawn at that time, and taking inspiration from a series of exploratory exercises in the days beforehand. The work, entitled Dawns, delves into different perspectives on dawn and how our understanding of that transitional moment shifts and alters from person to person, atmosphere to atmosphere, place to place.

The stream will begin at 3.43am BST, and Daniel will be performing from 4.07am BST.

Find out more and sign up here.

A note from the organisers

You need to sign up for DAWNS in order to take part. After signing up you’ll receive a couple of emails in the run-up to Saturday 16 May with some special content, plus all the info you’ll need.

For the best DAWNS experience, pick a place with an excellent view of the sky (northeast facing is ideal), with good access to the internet through wifi or mobile data (a smartphone is fine). Perhaps you have a garden or balcony or a favourite window – the main things are to have internet access and a good view.

Photo by Solaiman Hossen on Unsplash

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