Dermot Tutty “Listen” (feat. Siobhan Stagg and Paul Hankinson)

Siobhan Stagg sings Dermot Tutty’s Listen. 

Dermot Tutty on his song “Listen”, June 2020:
During the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, I found myself listening to the thoughts and concerns of various musician friends. Their suddenly changed circumstances had caused many artists to reassess their lives, their purpose, their future. A gifted performer expressed to me that during this period, they had reached a deeper understanding of the profound importance to their lives of their audience.
You can sing in the shower, or even play in an empty hall. However, this is far from the communal spiritual experience that music has become for me; the art of creating magic with the air, inside a space where that air is shared with the breath of an audience of supportive, caring, live listeners.
Then, in recent weeks, a filmed violent death in a far-away country, sparked further conversation with friends. Now, we were discussing the concern that has always felt to me like the great unfinished business of the Great Southern Land – the plight of our First Peoples.
This song lies somewhere in the midst of these conversations.



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