Dmitri Hvorostovsky tours Russia with Victory Day concerts 6 – 27 May

Following a month of performances at the Metropolitan Opera, Dmitri Hvorostovsky returns to his native Russia to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Victory Day with concerts in Tyumen, Ekaterinburg, Moscow, and St. Petersburg. The Siberian baritone is joined by longtime collaborator and conductor Constantine Orbelian as well as the Russian Police Choir for these historic concerts of songs from the war years.
Dmitri gives private concerts at the Tyumen Philharmonic (6 May) and KKT Cosmos Theatre in Ekaterinburg (7 May) with the majority of tickets reserved for veterans before heading to Moscow’s VDNKh (9 May) for a free open-air concert that also features the Grand Choir “Masters of Choral Singing” and the Style of Five Ensemble. The performance begins at 20:00 local time and can be heard at the No. 1 “Central” Pavilion.
The War Songs tour continues with performances in Yerevan (12 May) and in St. Petersburg (21 May) at Oktyabrskaya Hall. The following week, Dmitri joins the Krasnoyarsk Philharmonic in his home town for a concert at the Ivan Yargin Sports Palace (27 May).
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