‘Dream Maker’ Antonacci receives rapturous reviews following incredible recital tour.

Arkansas, New York, Montréal and Washington DC collectively agree Anna Caterina Antonacci ‘is an extraordinary voice’.

In a rare appearance across the pond, Anna Caterina Antonacci caused a real stir throughout her recent recital tour, leaving audiences breathless and clamouring for more…she consented to at least two encores at each venue, delighting audiences with “her lone homage to America: a charming encore of Mercer and Mancini’s ‘Moon River’…” [DC Metro Theatre Arts, Simon Chin]


Starting in Arkansas, Anna Caterina gave a charitable for the John Harrison Opera Foundation, realising almost five years of planning. Consistently displaying her formidable acting abilities The City Wire comments that “…the one constant of the performance was this: she was always whatever the music was at that exact instant…” She has an inate ability to mould herself to what the music requires “…Her mood changed, her voice changed, her audience changed with her. Articulate coloratura pianissimos were followed, without warning, by bold dramatic mezzo-soprano fortes. For her, it seemed a joyously effortless feat. For the audience, it was breathtaking…” [The City Wire, Arkansas]


Continuing on to Montréal, giving a recital at the Bourgie Hall on her birthday Anna Caterina astounded audiences and critics alike once again with this, her Quebec debut. 


Next followed a performance at Alice Tully Hall in the Lincoln Centre, another debut. The New York Times describe her voice as having a “…distinctive timbre: rich and warm yet focused and clear. She is comfortable at both ends of her rangem whether cresting to soft, lingeringh high notes or dipping to dark, velvety lows…” [New York Times]. Others couldn’t believe that she had never taken to the opera stage in New York: “…With such a wholly immersive afternoon of songs expertly delivered on all cylinders, how Antonacci has made it this long without a New York operatic debut is Criminal…” [Operavore, WQXR Radio].


In Washington the same picture emerged; that of an artist at the top of her game: “…Antonacci’s greatest strength: a rare ability to unite words and music with poetic insight and visceral drama. The music making was potent…” [DC Metro Theatre Arts, Simon Chin]


Anna Caterina’s pianist Donald Sulzen was also highly praised: “Donald Sulzen proved an ideal partner for her gifts. The sensitivity and nuance with which he followed Antonacci’s subtle shadings of tempo and character allowed him to manage that ever challenging balance of making a robust impression in the piano while appearing effortlessly complementary to the singer…” [Wellsung blog, Washington DC]


With this level of deserved hype, we doubt it will be long before Anna Caterina Antonacci graces the other side of the Atlantic again!


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