Fatma Said’s debut album coming this autumn

Soprano Fatma Said releases her debut album, El Nour, on Warner Classics in October 2020. The album is thoughtfully curated by Fatma, crossing cultures through French, Spanish, and Egyptian art song plus folk song from her home country, Egypt, and popular songs from across the Middle East.

“We worked for a really long time to devise a programme that would appeal widely to lots of different kinds of people and also accord closely with my own musical tastes and loves,” says Fatma. “That especially includes exploring new, yet connected ways of approaching music from the past, both Western and Eastern – not changing the composers’ visions but adding elements we feel are appropriate.

The bonds between the cultures represented on El Nour have never been broken, because each of them asserts an influence in the Mediterranean region. The main idea of this album is to convey a cross-cultural message to every audience in the world, to try to make classical music reachable and more accessible to cultures that are unfamiliar with classical music, and vice versa.”

Audiences can listen to the first single of the album today. Discover Georges Bizet’s “Adieux de l’hôtesse arabe.”


Photo: J. Fischnaller / Warner Classics

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