INTERVIEW: Malcolm Martineau at the Edinburgh International Festival 2015

Malcolm Martineau is the world’s most rock-steady pianist: a flawless scene setter in song recitals, a perfect gentleman at the keyboard. ‘Malcolm? He’s a bloody genius,’ the baritone Florian Boesch once told me. ‘He’s the most empathetic co-musician I can imagine. His sense of anticipation is unique. The kind of mutual response we have is like ping-pong; after a while it’s more reflex than conscious reaction. I accompany him as much as he accompanies me.’

Malcolm has been a mainstay of the Queen’s Hall morning series for years; born in Edinburgh, he says the city will forever be under his skin. I met him on stage the day before he gave a breathtaking performance with the mezzo-soprano Sarah Connolly at Edinburgh International Festival 2015.

Part of the Edinburgh International Festival series Festival Folk, in partnership with Sinfini Music

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