Joseph Moog’s New Release: Tchaikovsky · Scharwenka: Piano Sonatas

Released today (9 June) on Onyx Classics is Joseph Moog’s fabulous new recording featuring Tchaikovsky’s ‘Grande Sonate’ in G Op 37 and Scharwenka’s Sonata  No 2 in E flat Op 36.

Yet again Joseph displays phenomenal mastery of his instrument, as well as his trademark flair for intelligent and original programming.

Polish composer Xaver Scharwenka was one of the most important and popular composer-pianists of the late 19th century, touring to the USA a total of 26 times. His four piano concertos were once cornerstones of the concerto repertoire. The music for his Polish Dance Op 3 No 1 sold into the millions, and the First Piano Concerto was admired by Liszt and Tchaikovsky, whose G major sonata is paired with Scharwenka’s Second on this CD. His neglect is unjustified, and his concertos and sonatas merit reappraisal.

Click here for full details, and to download the album now.





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