Karel Mark Chichon and Deutsche Radio Philharmonie release their first recording together

This release marks both the first collaboration between Karel Mark Chichon, the Chief Conductor of the Deutsche Radio Philharmonie and record label Hänssler Classic/SWR music and also the start of a complete Dvorak Symphonies cycle. 
Karel Mark Chichon has waited three years to record with the orchestra and has worked deeply to develop the flexibility and tone colour of this already fine ensemble. The result is a tremendous critical and public success with concerts sold-out many months in advance, demonstrating the special artistic partnership that exists between him and the orchestra. The complete Dvorák symphonic works project is a testament to this exciting relationship of orchestra and conductor.
On this recording, the Symphony No 1 in C Minor (Op. 3) is paired with another fine orchestral work by the Czech master: the Slavic-nationalistic Rhapsody (Op.14). Aside from the remaining symphonies, future releases will contain overtures and interludes from Dvorák’s operas as well as works of selected elegancy, which are rarely recorded.
Dvorák’s first symphony titled “Die Glocke von Zlonice” is, despite its humongous orchestral apparatus, full of magic and lyricism. Its spacious atmosphere and climaxes may remind the listener of Anton Bruckner, though there are folksy twists as well as bright changes of moods and a colourful string sound, which give the work it’s individual character.
Release date: 13th April, 2015
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