Ludovic Morlot & Seattle Symphony premiere John Luther Adams Become Desert

Seattle Symphony will be premiering John Luther Adams Become Desert on the 29 and 31 March 2018, conducted by Ludovic Morlot. Become Desert follows the success of Adams’ Pulitzer Prize winning Become Ocean, premiered by the orchestra in Seattle and at Carnegie Hall in 2014. The recording of Become Ocean by Seattle Symphony also won the orchestra’s first Grammy award in 2015 for Best Contemporary Classical Composition.

Become Desert is commissioned by Seattle Symphony, and features the full orchestra and the Seattle Symphony Chorus joining forces for the 40-minute work that is inspired by Adams’ relocation from Alaska to his new home in the Chilean desert, and reflects his growing concerns about the process of desertification in many of the world’s dry climates.

John Luther Adams said of his new work, “Most of us these days live lives in which we’re trying to hear less, retreating into our own private aural cave … in the desert we are challenged to open our ears again, to come out of our caves and listen to the never-ending music all around us … In Become Ocean, we’re out on the water, riding the tides and the musical waves as they rise and fall. In Become Desert we are immersed, not in water, but in stillness, space and light.”

Adams gives a sense of what the experience of hearing Become Desert will be like this New York Times article.

Full details on the Seattle Symphony website.

Watch footage from the world premiere of Become Ocean below:

Photo © Jerome Tso

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