Matthias Pintscher returns to the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

This week, Matthias Pintscher returns to the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra to conduct Ravel’s enchanting Ma Mére l’Oye as well as his own work, songs from Solomon’s garden (2010) in the Dutch Premiere with baritone Georg Nigl.

Originally a joint commission by the New York Philharmonic and Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra for baritone and chamber orchestra, songs from Solomon’s garden is derived from the second chapter of Shir Hashirim (Song of Solomon) which is the first of five scrolls in the Tanakh (Bible) and depicts two lovers praising and yearning for each other. Pintscher translated the Hebrew text and uses each word of the recurrent phrase “For I am sick of love” as the setting for his work.

Pintscher freely compares his music to how poetry and the visual arts function and in his own words, he would have the listener imagine a “wall of sound” for each word with a series of “musical events” in an “open dialogue between two characters”(soloist and orchestra) hoping to draw the listener in and interpret the music in their own way through his fluid style of atonality.

The concert will be streamed on Friday 22nd January at 20:00 and available to watch here.

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