New recordings – Ludovic Morlot and the Seattle Symphony

Out today are two releases by American composers on the in-house recording label, Seattle Symphony Media, both featuring conductor Ludovic Morlot
The orchestra continue their exploration of symphonic works by Charles Ives with this recording which includes his fourth symphony. Ludovic has described the piece as “groundbreaking … it is not something you can grasp in the first instance. We can give the audience a further opportunity to go back to the performance they heard and keep exploring this music.” 
“Ives, Symphony No. 3 & 4 – The Unanswered Question” is available here
The second recording features “Above, Below, and In Between” by kinetic sculptor and sound artist Trimpin, and was commissioned by the Seattle Symphony. It had its premiere on 1 May 2015. This unique, site-specific work is a sound sculpture and musical composition which explores the space and time continuum. 
“Above, Below, and In Between” is available here
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