New release – Anne Schwanewilms ‘Schöne Welt’

Out today, Anne Schwanewilms‘ new CD – ‘Schöne Welt’ – features lieder by Schubert, Schreker and Korngold, accompanied by pianist Charles Spencer.
Anne says, “With his personality characterized by emotional extremes, Franz Schubert was in no position to evoke a perfectly wonderful world in his songs. On the contrary, in his compositions he challenged any fine illusion with a subtle and sensual touch.” 
She continues, “Unlike Franz Schubert, for a long time Franz Schreker managed to create an idyllic, wonderful and succesful world with his compositions. But then the Nazis came, drove Franz Schreker out of his office as director oft he Berlin Music Academy and vilified his work. The composer could not cope with the sentence of ‘degenerate’ the Nazis passed on the music oft he man of Jewish descent and died of a heart attack during a performance. Erich Wolfgang Korngold, he, too, a Jew fled to the ‘brave new world’, to America. In Hollywood he became a very successful composer of film music while his ‘old world’ fell apart. But on the screen, everything is only a (fine) illusion….”
‘Schöne Welt’ is released on Capriccio, and is a coproduction with Deutschlandradio Kultur. You can buy the CD here.
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