New release: Christiane Karg ‘Parfum’

Out today, Christiane Karg’s new album showcases a selection of French poems from the second half of the nineteenth century, influenced by the impressionism and symbolism of the era.

Growing from her appreciation of the works of Charles Baudelaire, Leconte de Lisle, Paul Verlaine, Tristan Klingsor and Victor Hugo, the CD features works by French composers Duparc, Koechlin, Debussy and Ravel, as well as early compositions by Benjamin Britten. Released on Berlin Classics, Christiane is joined by the Bamberger Symphoniker and conductor David Afkham.

In an interview with Berlin Classics, Christiane explains the title of the disc, “In Baudelaire‘s poems “Parfum” is a central term. Each composer sets poems differently to music, but the French odour, this “Parfum” is found in every of the songs.”

On 10 April 2017, Christiane will present her new album at the Institut Français, accompanied by pianist Sebastian Knauer.

Later this year, Christiane will release a new scent to accompany her latest album.

Disc information

Release date
7 April 2017

1. Ravel – I. Asie
2. Ravel – II. La Flûte enchantée
3. Ravel – III. L‘Indifférent
4. Debussy-Adams – I. Le balcon
5. Debussy-Adams – II. Harmonie de soir
6. Debussy-Adams – III. Le Jet d‘eau
7. Debussy-Adams – IV. Recueillement
8. Britten – I. Nuits de juin
9. Britten – II. Sagesse
10. Britten – III. L‘Enfance
11. Britten – IV. Chanson d‘automne
12. Koechlin – Épiphanie
13. Duparc – L‘Invitation au voyage
14. Duparc – La Vie antérieure
15. Duparc – Phidylé

Amazon (UK release: 21 April)


Christiane talks about her latest release in the video below [in German]

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