OperaVision – Heidi Stober stars in title role of Handel’s ‘Semele’ at Garsington Opera

About the Performance

Heidi Stober stars in the title role of Handel’s Semele at Garsington Opera, alongside David Soar as Cadmus and Somnus, Robert Murray as Jupiter and Christine Rice as Juno. The production is conducted by Jonathan Cohen, and recorded in June 2017.


Semele: Heidi Stober
Cadmus: David Soar
Athamas: Christopher Ainslie
Ino: Jurgita Adamonytė
Priest: Christian Valle

Jupiter: Robert Murray
Juno: Christine Rice
Iris: Llio Evans
Somnus: David Soar
Apollo: Mikael Onelius

Conductor: Jonathan Cohen
Director: Annilese Miskimmon
Garsington Opera Orchestra & Chorus


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