Opera’s starry young couple take London by storm!

Costello and Pérez excel as Alfredo and Violetta in La traviata at Covent Garden.

Stephen Costello and Ailyn Pérez, married in real life, have created quite a stir as Verdi’s infamous lovers in the Royal Opera’s well-loved Richard Eyre’s production of La traviata this winter. 

Appearing initially in different casts of the opera, both Ailyn and Stephen have received rave reviews for their portrayals of Violetta and Alfredo. Hugh Canning wrote a feature in The Sunday Times in which he interviews the artists together about their careers and lives as a married couple. 

On Friday 20 January the couple unite on stage for one special performance together. As their final show and the only occasion in which they appear together in this run, this exceptional performance promises fireworks! Ailyn and Stephen then return to New York for a photo shoot with Vanity Fair.

The critics have been overwhelming with their praise:

“The latest cast change, heralding a run of performances over the Christmas period, is first-rate, with an ideal Violetta in Ailyn Perez. The bewitching young American soprano puts her heart into every twist of the drama, from the impetuousness of her love for Alfredo…to the febrile emergency of her death…her performance was glorious, the quiet passages magical.”
The Observer, November 2011


“…from the moment Ermonela Jaho meets her Alfredo in the form of Stephen Costello in her glittering salon, you sense the electricity between them…Jaho’s gestures and attitudes have an expressive grace for which Costello’s airy, boyish lyricism makes the ideal foil.”
The Independent, January 2012


Congratulations to both Stephen and Ailyn!

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