The reviews are in… Sophie Bevan’s “glorious” debut solo disc

Released in May this year, Sophie Bevan’s debut solo disc – Perfido! – has been described as “glorious” (Presto Classical), and her performance “highly successful … singing throughout with a gleaming tone and shaping lines with real sensitivity”. The disc, recorded with Ian Page and The Mozartists, features eight concert arias by three major composers between the 18th and 19th century; Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven.

“I simply can’t stop listening to this glorious collection of Classical scenas and concert arias from the young British soprano, caught here just as the youthful freshness of the voice begins to take on more dramatic qualities – the stormy final sections of the Haydn and Beethoven in particular suggest heavier roles to come. Taut, incisive accompaniments from Page’s Mozartists, too.”
Presto Classical

The Mozartists was launched in 2017 as an extension of Ian Page’s internationally renowned period ensemble Classical Opera. Sophie began her collaboration with Ian many years ago and he expressed that he could not have planned this CD “…without having Sophie in mind…”.

Three concert arias (“Ah, lo prevedi…”, “Bella mia fiamma…”, “Ah! Perfido”), composed for Josepha Duschek, a soprano praised for her incredible range and her flexibility, were the initial inspiration behind the album, however the recording also features some lesser known gems including “Oh temerario Arbace” composed by Mozart when he was just 10 years old.

“[Bevan’s] partnership with Ian Page, who conducts, pays dividends as they sail confidently through the heavier perils of these dramatic pieces … an interesting disc of lesser-performed arias dispatched with freshness and style”
★★★★ Opera Now

The theme of tormented love runs throughout; all the works are “10 minutes operas” as each of them has a big story, characterised by a dramatic climax: any of them “is a whole scene, it is not just an aria”.

“It is a repertoire that makes considerable demands on its singer, not just because the technical demands of the aria are often considerable … but the accompanied recitatives call for considerable dramatic input. Sophie Bevan is highly successful on both counts, singing throughout with a gleaming tone and shaping lines with real sensitivity, but equally under the skin of the character she is portraying.”
★★★★ Early Music Today



A behind-the-scenes look at the recording of Sophie Bevan’s debut solo disc, including interviews with Sophie and Ian Page:


Track list

1-5) HAYDN Scena di Berenice
6-7) MOZART “Oh temerario Arbace… Per quel paterno amplesso”
8-9) BEETHOVEN “No, Non turbarti… Ah non lasciarmi, no”
12) HAYDN “Solo e pensoso”
13-16) MOZART ”Ah, lo previdi…Ah, t’invola agl’occhi miei”
17-18) BEETHOVEN “Ah! Perfido”

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