Robert Murray’s ‘Die schöne Müllerin’

Earlier this year, Robert Murray released his latest solo CD, a recording of Schubert’s ‘Die schöne Müllerin’ with pianist Andrew West, on Stone Records
In a blog on the Gramophone website, Robert talks in detail about his long and intense relationship with cycle, beginning; “As a child I’d always held a mild fascination for the countryside. I grew up in Brentwood, Essex, and aside from the odd walk with the family and the dog, and sports in the park, it all amounted to a pretty suburban existence…” – and going on to recall the phone call from Malcolm Martineau which led to him first singing the cycle. 
The CD is available to buy from Amazon, iTunes, Presto Classical and more. 
“Played with virtuosity, sung with beauty and fearlessness, and interpreted with wit and discernment, this is a ‘Die schöne Müllerin’ in which Müller’s words and Schubert’s music sound astonishingly new.”
“He offers a clear-sighted and straightforwardly touching account. His is a light, cleanly produced voice with a narrow bore, which also takes on hints of a heroic steel… a well focused sound… and a voice under total technical control… And Murray’s intelligence shines through across the complete cycle, with a clever interpretative touches in the strophic songs.”
“There is also a lyric beauty to Murray’s voice which comes out in songs like “Wohin?” and “Danksagung an den Bach”, whilst in “Halt!” both performers are vividly characterful with a sense of youthful enthusiasm. This feeling for the vigorous character continues in “Am Feierabend” whilst “Der neugierige” is beautifully shaped and rather haunting.”
★★★★ Planet Hugill, July 2016  
“Murray sings like a young man, his lightness of touch and vocal agility completely winning. There’s a disarming honesty to his approach, as you’d expect from someone who’s been singing the work for years.”
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