Saleem & Nabeel Ashkar talk to the Guardian and the Arts Desk about their Nazareth based Arab/Israeli Foundation

In an article which appeared in the Guardian on Friday 25 July 2014, Saleem Ashkar and brother Nabeel Abboud Ashkar spoke to Maya Jaggi about the Polyphony Conservatory which they founded in 2006 to bring together Arab and Israeli communities in order to explore difference and create a common ground. The article comes after the Polyphony Youth Ensemble’s week long residency at the Italian festival Incontri in Terra di Siena led by Saleem Ashkar. 
The Polyphony Foundation supports a multi-tiered programming structure that begins with broad outreach to elementary school children, enhancing the musical and personal development of the students, all the way up to performing in a professional orchestra. As the students advance, the programs call for increasingly mixed groups of Arab and Jewish students and musicians to learn, experience, and perform together. This interaction helps to bridge the cultural divide between students, and demonstrates to their communities the rich possibilities for diverse groups to work and create together. 
Click here for the article in the Guardian.
Q&A with Saleem and Nabeel on the Arts Desk website.
For more information please visit the Polyphony Foundation website. 
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