Siobhán Stagg commissions & performs new song, “Listen”

As artists and performing arts communities around the world find new ways to share the arts, soprano Siobhán Stagg has released a new piece of music that touches on the state of the world.

“Back in May,” says Siobhán, “I commissioned Melbourne composer Dermot Tutty to write a song about the pandemic’s effect on live music and audiences. It coincided with George Floyd’s tragic murder and the reignited discussions about Australia’s own unfinished stories.”

The result is a 4-minute song called “Listen,” first premiered on a program Siobhán curated for Melbourne’s Digital Concert Hall. The performance, streamed in June 2020, was conceived in partnership with the Australian Embassy Berlin.

“The response was clear, Siobhán continues. “This poem and music clearly resonated with a lot of people. When the second wave hit Australia in July, it felt important that this song be recorded and released for posterity. Several kind souls banded together to make a studio session possible, and the track has just been released online. Pianist Paul Hankinson and I wanted to offer this recording as a symbol of solidarity and a sign of hope for a brighter future – of human connection and deeper understanding.”

Audiences around the world can listen to the recording today.

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