Sir András Schiff on tour with the Chamber Orchestra of Europe

Sir András Schiff continues his longstanding relationship with the Chamber Orchestra of Europe with a European tour starting tonight in Treviso, Italy and moving to Lugano (10 April), Pavia (11 April) and Turin (12 April). Sir András will play-direct  Bach’s Keyboard Concerto BWV 1053, Bartok’s Piano Concerto No. 3 and Mozart’s Symphony No, 41 “Jupiter”. Sir András’ history with the orchestra dates back to 1985 when they first performed together under the baton of Heinz Holliger and they have been touring together almost every year since. Sir András is arguably one of the most prominent proponents of J.S. Bach, with an extensive recording catalogue including seven of Bach’s Keyboard Concertos with the COE for Decca in 1990. 
Sir András says of the orchestra:
“This is a community of individuals who love music and who obviously enjoy being together. It is a unique ensemble. There is no routine. They come from different countries and schools of playing, but they have their very own sound as an ensemble. It’s also an incredibly intelligent orchestra. The rehearsals are a joy. The collective sensitivity and intelligence of this group is admirable.”
Click here for the full details of the tour. 
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