Success for Hanno Muller-Brachmann and co. on their album ‘Rudi Stephan songs’

Congratulations to Hanno Muller-Brachmann and co. who feature on the Sony Classical ‘Rudi Stephan songs’ album which won Chamber Music Recording of the Year (20th / 21st Century) at the new 2018 Opus Klassik awards!

We spoke to Hanno about the disc, “Rudi Stephan was a young composer born in Worms Germany. He was killed in the First World War as a young man and his work was not hugely known but was enormously beautiful. I think it is a great thing to make sure he and his music are not forgotten and after 100 years past the First World War, bringing out a CD of his music will help people learn about him and remember what war can do. The disc is also released to mark the 130th anniversary of his birth (29 July 2017).”

“I am so pleased on behalf of everyone involved in the recording that we have won the Chamber Music Recording Category at the new Opus Klassik Awards and hope you enjoy it!”

For more information see the Opus Klassik web page.

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