Stravinsky “The Rite of Spring”

Turku Philharmonic live: Christian Vasquez conducts “The Rite of Spring” in concert.

If there were a Guinness World Records entry for “most famous music premiere”, Igor Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring” would almost certainly take the prize.

“…it’s got the best dissonances anyone ever thought up, and the best asymmetries and polytonalities and polyrhythms and whatever else you care name.” (Leonard Bernstein)

Christian Vasquez is conducting this symbol of modernity in the Turku Philharmonic’s season-closing concert in June 2017.

No matter how one feels about “The Rite of Spring”, after experiencing it, ambivalence is not an option. It is impossible to hear the music and feel nothing. That Stravinsky doesn’t provide us with the answer himself is where the true art lies.

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