Malcolm Martineau: A Life in Song

Malcolm Martineau is one of the greatest accompanists in the world. He has played for so many of the world’s finest singers for whom he remains partner of choice for recitals and recordings. But it could be said that it is his lot in life not to take the limelight. As his job title so clearly states: he is there to accompany.

So, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland – where he holds the position of International Fellow of accompaniment – and the BBC thought it would be a wonderful idea to change the emphasis briefly and base a series of three recitals around him and call them ‘Malcolm Martineau: A Life in Song’. And three of the greatest song recitalists of today – Susan Graham, Christoph Pregardien and Anne Schwanewilms – agreed this was a wonderful idea.

You can now hear the results of these very special collaborations, as the recitals – including interviews with Malcolm and the singers – were broadcast in four installments on BBC Radio 3’s ‘Lunchtime Concert‘ from Tuesday to Friday last week, and are now available on BBC iPlayer.

Listen to the episodes by following the links below:

  • Episode 1 – with Susan Graham
  • Episode 2 – with Susan Graham & Christophe Pregardien
  • Episode 3 – with Anne Schwanewilms
  • Episode 4 – with Anne Schwanewilms, Susan Graham & Christophe Pregardien

Episodes available at the time of writing. 

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